The mission of Excellent Readers is to make learning to read, write and spell easy and effective for struggling readers of various learning styles.

We are Reading Mentors...

dedicated to providing struggling readers with the proper instruction to read at or above grade level. 

committed to building the foundation for phonics, writing, reading and spelling skills in a complete systematic, multi-sensory, playful and age appropriate way. 

devoted to bridging the literacy gap for all students.

Illiteracy has been an enduring problem for the state and the city of New Orleans. New Orleans, in particular, is facing an illiteracy crisis that puts our neighborhoods, economic prospects, and the lives of its current and future generations at risk.


of people in the Greater New Orleans area are reading and spelling below a 5th grade level.

One in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than that for proficient readers.

How ERx works


Identify struggling readers in grades K-2 through standard assessments and measuring tools.



Remove struggling readers from their traditional reading classes to attend ERx's reading program for the duration of the school year. 




Place struggling readers with trained Reading Mentors to deliver multi-sensory and systematic lessons that students need to understand why our language works the way it does, why sounds sound the way they do, and why we spell words the way we do. 

Conduct weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments of each individual student's progress to report to schools and parents.




As students excel, they will graduate to the next level of fundamental learning within the ERx program. 


Long-term effects of knowing how to read fluently and accurately provide children with opportunities in their adult life for sustainable employment along with other positive cognitive benefits needed later in life.

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